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Alinatech is dedicated to the search, selection, development and maintenance of business relations with local distributors in the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America and Israel, serving exporters who wish to increase their customer base and sales and local distributors who are interested in new business opportunities, but lack the ability to search for. In certain occasions, Alinatech imports and distributes directly in selected markets.

Alinatech is the fusion of its Spanish and Israeli businessmen knowledge, who share business experience, first as Supplier/Distributor and later as co-workers. Alinatech is led by Adi Eshkol, who offers over 20 years experience in international commerce, while working as sales manager for Israeli manufacturers that serve Spanish and Latin American distributors.

Alinatech reduces business development risks, for both exporters and importers by adding added values, such as dominating languages of both, permanent presence in the region that permits the follow-up and mediation
on a personal basis

Alinatech is active in following markets:

+ Biotechnology/Healthcare

+ Energy solutions

+ Raw-materials for wide range of industries

Alinatech offers the following services:

+ Door opening -
Facilitating the selection of potential business partners, reaching those who are not remotely accessed by a simple e-mail message.

+ Initial visits -
Accompanying foreign firms representatives in their first journeys to meet potential or selected business partners, relieving culture differences and language barrier, etc.

+ Administration and commercial management -
Offering continuing presence in the local market, enhancing day-to-day relations with distributors, sales reps, local authorities, etc.

+ Troubleshooting services -
Identifying the cause of business development difficulties or long-term business relations crisis, offering creative solutions.